The “right” time to start a business

JeffSpeakingToday’s guest blogger, Jeff Levy, is the owner/president of The Entrepreneur’s Source, based in Bellevue and Seattle, Washington. He is the co-author of the book Making the Jump – Into Small Business Ownership which is available at the Seattle Public Library. Jeff works with individuals interested in exploring self-employment and will be offering a free seminar called Your Business – Start Smart on September 4th from 5-7pm and October 17th from 12:30-2:30pm. For more details and registration, please see the event listings in the Library’s calendar.

Have you stayed up late thinking about being your own boss or found yourself daydreaming about owning your own business? You are not alone. I have heard it said that up to 70% of the working population dreams about self-employment but only 20% actually take the steps necessary to start a business. There are many reasons holding one back, but let’s deal with one of the most common excuses – “it’s not the right time.”

Click here to view Making the Jump in the SPL catalogIs there ever a right time? Among the timing items, folks often feel they don’t have enough money, their kids are in school, or they just haven’t found the right opportunity.

It might shake your world to hear that NOW is the best time to be in your own business. Excuses and rationalizations may really be hiding fear of being responsible for yourself. Think for a moment – if you have been hard working and productive for someone else, why could you not be hard working and productive for yourself?

Often it is the lack of information or unwillingness to research data that can help support a decision for self-employment. The mark of an entrepreneur is the willingness to take the chance to learn. Most of the wealth in this country resides with people that own stock or their own company.

As a wise friend of mine recently said, he would like to pick himself off the tree while he is still ripe, rather than have someone else determine when it is time to fall.

Jeff_2107TCThe right time to go into business is when you are ready to explore and study your options. Are you ready to put your dreams before your fears? If you answered “yes,” join me at an upcoming free seminar at the Central Library where we will take a closer look at the realities of entrepreneurship and talk about how you change your dreams into action!

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