Emotional Picture Books: Picture Books about Feelings

Posted by Erin M.

Children experience a range of emotions every day. They can go from happy to frustrated to angry in mere moments, and every child experiences and expresses their emotions differently. Helping children understand and communicate those emotions is a big task, but sharing picture books with children may be one way to start. Finding the right picture books can be a challenge, but luckily your librarians are here to help.

Click here to view The Feelings Book in the SPL catalogTodd Parr’s The Feelings Book is a great introduction to the world of emotions. Bright colors and childlike illustrations make this a great starting point for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to expose children to the world of “feelings”. The feelings described aren’t necessarily your standard ‘happy,’ ‘sad,’ and ‘mad’, but more to the tune of, “Sometimes I feel like looking out the window all day.” This book will be sure to make you and your little one giggle and smile.

Click here to view My blue is Happy in the SPL catalogMany of us associate colors with different feelings. Blue for sad – green for jealous – red for angry, but for this little girl, colors take on a whole new meaning. In My Blue is HappyJessica Young’s original take on emotions and Catia Chien’s beautiful illustrations highlight a child’s individual perception of the world, and demonstrates how life affects us all in different ways. Explore the world of colors and emotions in this unique tale of one’s girl’s perspective of life and feelings.

Click here to view Happy in the SPL catalogThe cover says it all with this one. Miles Van Hout has combined striking, chalky illustrations with simple one word descriptions of various emotions in his book Happy. As you dive in to this stunning book, explore Van Hout’s artistic expression through lines and color. Squiggly/ erratic lines are used to exemplify confused – harsh/sharp lines are used for angry – soft/smooth lines are used for delighted. This is a colorful journey sure to please.

Looking for books about feelings? Click here for more great titles!


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