Romantic Wednesday: Our Romance Genre Challenge heads to YA and new adult romance

by Selby G.

Part 5 of our  Reading Challenge focusing on subgenres of romance.

The late teen years and early 20’s are times in life when things change rapidly and emotions run high. To appeal to these audiences, romance publishers have added a label between young adult (YA/teen) and general romance: New Adult.

Young Adult Romance novels have protagonists still in their teen years and generally still in school. There may be some sex in these books, but the relationship is the real focus. For the 18- to 25-year-old, who are off to college or living on their own, there are the New Adult novels. These books focus on issues pertinent to the age group, which includes physical relationships.

Young Adult Romance

More sweet than sultry. First loves and family drama take center stage with many young adult romance novels. Unless, of course, the focus is on fighting vampires…or becoming one. Try these books by John Green, Huntley Fitzpatrick and Rainbow Rowell for a good idea what YA romance is all about.

revised young adult romance genre challenge

New Adult Romance

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are staple topics for New Adult novels. Tammara Webber, Cora Carmack and Jay Crownover have written good examples of the New Adult genre.
New adult romance book covers

Please give us your recommendations for young adult and new adult romance titles!

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