Let off some steam

    — Posted by Chelsea W.
I don’t know about you guys, but I have been super stressed out lately. And, when this happens, I find it best to find a good album and turn up the music really LOUD and to LET IT ALL OUT. Here are three albums to help that help me to let off some steam, that are all available at Seattle Public Library. Maybe they will help you, too.Bitter Rivals by Sleigh Bells

 Sleigh Bells: Bitter Rivals
Here’s an album that starts off with a bang. Not gonna lie, the title track is a go-to song for letting out my inner rage while I drive at the end of a long day. The utter cacophony of a lot of this CD at first felt like it is just noise. But the moment I let myself fall into it, I found that the timbre suits my inner angst and provides a great vehicle for letting it out.

The-Dead-Weather-Horehound-473133The Dead Weather: Horehound
I love the place this album takes me to. It makes me feel totally badass. It’s a place where I can scream and shout and head bang and shake my hips and not care about making any sense. It’s a place where it’s okay to be angry, and where I feel empowered in that anger. Lyrics like “I wanna grab you by the hair and hang you from the heavens” and “treat me like your mother” and “I can take the trouble, ‘cause I’m 60 feet tall” beg exclamation points and feel better every time you yell them.

animal_collective_feelsAnimal Collective: Feels
This album covers more of the spectrum of steam-letting-off-ness. On one end there are songs like “Grass” that contain literal screaming (ironically, not so in “Banshee Beat”), and, on the other end, there are tracks like “Bees” that are so completely zen and (if you ask me) beautiful, that you can totally unwind. What I love most about this CD is how it really is what it says it is – FEELS. Each song so primitively taps into the “feels;” that’s what keeps me coming back for more.

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