Sharing Our Stories: Family History Storytelling at Northeast Library

by Tom M.

Gomez 1915Every family has interesting stories. In my own family, both my wife and my sister have started to think about how to present all that they have discovered about their own families.

The library can help everyone learn how to tell these family history stories, starting with an innovative workshop on the subject presented by genealogy librarian Mahina Oshie at the Northeast Library on Wednesday, October 22, from 6-7:45 p.m.

Come to learn about library, community and Internet resources for uncovering, recording, writing and publishing your own family history stories, as part of the library’s Sharing Our Stories storytelling program series.

You Can Write Your Family HistoryIn addition to the great resources covered in the workshop, you might want to check out of the library Suzanne Kita’s Videotape Your Memoirs: the Perfect Way to Preserve your Family’s History, Sharon DeBartolo Carmack’s You Can Write Your Family History, Lynda Rutledge’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Your Family History, and D. G. Fulford’s One Memory at a Time: Inspiration and Advice for Writing Your Family Story. And once you have produced a manuscript, you could even research Cyndi’s List online listing of family history publishers.

Photo credit: Genealogy librarian, Mahina’s paternal 2nd great grandparents Antone “Akoni” Gomez, Jr and Maria Augusta Rezentes with their oldest son, Peter in Ha`ena, HI (c. 1915); from her family collection


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