Science Fiction Friday – Technophiles Unite!

By Richard C.



We might very well laugh at how “flying cars” symbolized technological progress 100 years ago, or, we might think about our own symbols (fusion power, singularity, etc.) and then wonder hey what’s the damn holdup here! Physicist John Grady finds one disturbing reason for the holdup when his major discovery in gravity reflection alerts a secret menace far more devious than any alien – the Bureau of Technology Control. From the depths of a secret prison, Grady meets other dangerous minds and plans escape – both for them and for technological advancement.



The Boost

The Boost

Digital and analog worlds collide in this sci/fi thriller. What’s worse: having your Boost chip ripped from your head, disconnecting you from the virtual world you’ve always just taken for granted; or being hunted on the fringes of cyber society in an older world, one ruled by brute force, violence, and cunning? Ralf Alvare doesn’t get to choose, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching his desperate journey along the fence of two worlds – from a distance, anyway.


The Forever Watch


The Forever Watch (2014)
Whether or not you see/like Interstellar on the big screen, check out this story on the always chilling sci/fi question: “how far are you willing to go for your species?” Aboard a massive ship on a 1000 year journey to preserve humanity, Hana Dempsey thinks she can accept her narrow role. She’s proven wrong though, by the full mind and body control exerted by shop police and a murder that hits too close to home. Reminded me of Stargate Universe, which I was so sad to see cancelled.

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