Wait, why does the catalog look wonky?

Updated: Issues are reportedly resolved as of 12/5/2014. We appreciate your patience as we tracked down the bug!

Starting Monday, December 1, the Library began to receive reports of formatting issues with our online catalog. These problems coincided with the release of an update to some of the website code that controls the way the website is formatted and displayed. The problems appeared to result from older versions of the web site style codes remaining in web browser caches and not being replaced by the updated style codes. As this problem only happened intermittently and with no apparent pattern, it was difficult to troubleshoot and repair. 

Users who experienced the problem and contacted the Library were provided with instructions for clearing their web browser cache. Instructions for performing this fix were also posted on the front page of the library catalog and our web site. Though this process fixed the problem for most users, there remained reports of the problem recurring for others.

Here’s what you should see when you go to the Library catalog.

If you are still experiencing formatting issues when accessing the library’s online catalog, follow the appropriate instructions at this site for clearing the cache of your web browser.

Please contact the Library  if you continue to experience problems or need assistance in clearing your browser cache.

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