Movie Mondays: best of 2014 on hoopla

hoopla has been adding some noteworthy new releases to its collection. While they’re not blockbusters, these limited release films from 2014 include critical darlings and star power – and are available at this very moment!

If you’re looking for a few laughs, try Fading Gigolo, a ludicrously funny sex comedy starring John Turturro (who also directed) as said gigolo, pimped out to the women of Brooklyn by his best friend (Woody Allen). If that’s too raunchy for you, give Elsa & Fred a shot. This romantic comedy stars Christopher Plummer as a widower who falls under the spell of an impetuous Shirley MacLaine. Or, go for Are You Heremostly to find out how a talented cast (Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Poehler) and director Matthew Weiner (creater of Mad Men) managed to earn a paltry 7% positive score on Rotten Tomatoes.

For something a bit more serious, go for Night Moves, a thriller about three radical environmentalists (Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard) who plot to blow up a hydroelectric dam in Oregon. For science fiction fans, be sure to check out The Congressstarring Robin Wright as herself – an aging actress who signs away her digital likeness to be used by the studio in any film they choose – from the director of the equally visionary Waltz with BashirIf you prefer something more grounded in reality, then Exhibition, a British drama exploring the lives of married artists whose lives are interrupted by the sale of their home, or Rhymes for Young Ghoulsa drama about a girl surviving on an Indian reservation that was twice nominated at the Seattle International Film Festival this year.

hoopla has an excellent collection of documentaries, and these 2014 releases are no exception. There’s Burt’s Buzz, about Burt Shavitz, the founder of Burt’s Bees and his complicated relationship with the company. There’s James Cameron’s Deepsea Challengewhich follows the famed director as he embarks seven miles below sea level to the Mariana Trench. There’s Flex is Kings, which takes a look at flexing, a street dance from Brooklyn that requires dancers to be contortionists as well. And find the time to watch The Dogabout a man who robs a bank to pay for his lover’s sex change operation – the real-life basis for the essential 70s film Dog Day Afternoon

Foreign Films.
There’s no shortage of fine foreign films in hoopla. If you fancy French, you can find Mood Indigothe latest from visionary director Michael Gondry, which is a whimsical tale of a woman (Audrey Tautou) who discovers she has a flower growing inside of her lungs. For martial arts fans, there’s Special IDstarring Donnie Yen as an undercover cop up against a Chinese organized crime syndicate. Versatile French actress Isabelle Huppert stars in the Italian drama Dormant Beauty that tackles issues of euthanasia, politics, religion and faith. And there is Borgmanan utterly original Dutch import that’s one part fairy tale, one part horror and one part melodrama, with one of the most bizarre opening sequences I’ve ever seen.

~posted by Frank

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