The end of an era: Books we’ve loved on The Colbert Report

Just one week left before Stephen Colbert’s last episode of The Colbert Report, which airs Thursday, December 18. Yesterday David Letterman announced that he will officially retire on May 20, leaving a few months before Colbert takes over The Late Show.

Stephen Colbert, as himself. (Image from wikipedia)
Stephen Colbert, as himself. (Image from wikipedia)

There was a lot to love during the show’s nine-year run, but one of our favorite parts was always the writers he chose to feature, often introducing debut authors and off-the-radar topics. And sometimes featuring established authors, such as inviting Sherman Alexie on the show last summer for “Amazon v. Hachette,” and then asking Alexie to choose a Hachette book that the Colbert Nation could support. (Alexie, as you may recall, chose California, by Edan Lepucki).

In our catalog, you’ll find some lists with authors/books featured on The Colbert Report, reminding many of us that his show was where we first learned about Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking  or realized that Andy Cohen’s Most Talkative might be worth a look. These four lists capture only a fraction of the authors who have had a nice boost from national exposure — and some authors we might not have discovered otherwise:

 And if you’re looking to relive the early Colbert Report days, here’s a 2007 DVD of The Best of Colbert. And he’d probably like you to buy his books (undoubtedly, as he keeps telling us to), but you know you can always get them right here, too.

                                 — by Linda J. and Toby T.

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