Seattle Public Library’s Favorite Picture Books of 2014

Posted by Erin M.

Can we all take a moment to celebrate the magic of a picture book? I am constantly amazed by the artistic and literary talent brought out in what is perhaps my favorite book format. The interplay between illustrations and prose found in a great picture book creates a special impact found nowhere else in the book world. So, it’s not surprising that through these books, many children first discover the magic of reading.

This year, it seems there was an abundance of great picture books, capturing everything from whimsy to wonder in fewer than 40 pages. Seattle Public Library’s Children’s Librarians have come up with a list of their favorites, and we are sharing them with you. What were some of your favorite picture books of 2014?

sparkySparky by Jenny Offill

A sloth is a sloth and nothing else. Sparky may not be able to kick like a Kung Fu fighter, fetch a stick, or play hide-and-seek, but this slow moving creature is still irresistible. This is a simple story about expectations and choosing to love someone for who they are. Delightful watercolor illustrations with a retro feel add something special to this understated and sweet tale of acceptance and love.

A Library Book for Bear by Bonny BeckerLibrary Book

Bear is the ultimate reluctant reader, and though he claims the library is “terribly extravagant,” mouse is certain he can help him discover the perfect book among the stacks. Bear’s stubbornness, attitude, and expressions elicit plenty of giggles, but it’s Bear’s joy in discovering his ideal book that makes this title special. For anyone who has ever struggled to find that ‘just right’ book for a particularly picky reader, this sweet tale is sure to make you smile.

The mouseThe Mouse Who Ate the Moon by Petr Horáček

How would you like to have your very own piece of the moon? Can you imagine if a piece simply fell from the sky? Well mouse’s wish for a piece of the moon seems to come true, but things aren’t always as they seem, and sometimes they’re delicious! Kids will delight in this peek-through story book featuring mixed media illustrations and bold colors.

Click here for more of your Children’s Librarians’ Favorite Picture Books of 2014!

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