Seattle Rep’s ‘Lizard Boy’

Lizard Boy - Seattle Rep

From the ashes of Mount St. Helens emerged a monster with mysterious powers—powers that changed one boy’s life forever. Superhero or freak? Not even he was sure until one fated night of adventure, music and love on the streets of Seattle. Triple-threat Seattle artist Justin Huertas brings Lizard Boy, his breakout hit of the 2013 New Play Festival, to the mainstage in this world premiere at Seattle Rep (previews start next Friday!). Equal parts comic book lore, coming-of-age love story and irrepressible tunes, audiences can expect the unexpected in this original rock musical. Ka-Pow!!

We suspect that this premiere will entice you to read graphic novels, especially those of you who are newer to this vibrant, visual mode of storytelling. Our librarians selected a few choice ones for you, included in this list to complement your Lizard Boy experienceA few highlights below:

hero by perry moore      super heroes    supergods    blackhole


Hero by Perry Moore
Teenage Thom Creed has a secret: he has superhuman powers. Oh, and he’s pretty sure he’s gay, too. Huertas has cited Hero as one of his early inspirations for LIZARD BOY.

Super Stories of Heroes & Villains
Sad, funny, inspiring and thrilling, these inventive tales from a wide range of gifted authors capture almost every aspect of the superhuman condition.

Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and A Sun God From Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human
Famed comic book author Morrison explores our modern mythos and why we need not just heroes, but superheroes.

Black Hole by Charles Burns
As if adolescence weren’t hard enough, strange mutations are transforming sexually active teens into freaks in this surreal, unsettling graphic novel set in 1970s Seattle.

spring awakeningAnd music! You’ll want to check out the CD of  Spring Awakening, a musical by Duncan Sheik.
Teen angst was never so infectious. Huertas’ gig as a cellist on the national tour of Sheik’s smash-hit Broadway rock musical was instrumental in the Rep’s commissioning Lizard Boy in last year’s New Works Festival.

Here’s to Justin Huertas, the cast of Lizard Boy, and a great run at Seattle Rep!



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