Let’s Talk Money, Honey

By Meadow P.

Money may well be the most challenging aspect of our so-called adult lives, and yet we are so reluctant to discuss it with others for fear of looking the financial fool.

Cover image for the Smart Cookie's Guide to Making More DoughIt’s time we embrace financial education and make it part of our regular conversations. A fantastic way to do this is with a “Money Club”, which is similar to a book club but focuses on financial fitness. The book that inspired me to start one is The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Making More Dough as well as this interview about a successful group who used the social pressure of their group for the good of their financial health. Some clubs read books, like the ones on this list, others work together to learn money smarts and encourage each other to take action. Try a different theme each month: “Coupon Crazy,” “Cheap Chic,” “Frugal Decorating” and so forth. And isn’t it easier to tackle tough topics with friends and food?

cover image for The Heart of MoneyOther tough money talks are those we need to have with our partner. I enjoyed The Heart of Money, When She Makes More, and Get Financially Naked to help me broach this stressful topic with my sweetheart. Schedule regular chats and remember: be kind, fair, and forgiving.

You can get motivated for money conversations with these amazing programs during Money Smart Week at your library. If you’re ever stumped for ideas for your new “Money Club”, you can Ask a Librarian and we can point you toward a “wealth” of resources.

This post is part of The Seattle Public Library’s celebration of Money Smart Week—check out the many programs and resources, at a branch near you!

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