Suddenly, My Lunch Hour Became a Thrill!

Thrilling Lunch

Illicit passion, spine-tingling chills, pulse-pounding action on your lunch hour? Sound unlikely? If you work or live near downtown, come join scores of happy and thrilled listeners who have discovered just how fun lunch hour can be, at Thrilling Tales: Seattle Public Library’s Story Time for Grown Ups!

Now in its 11th year, Thrilling Tales brings you the best in suspenseful storytelling from a wide range of contemporary and classic authors, expertly read by librarian David Wright. Stories take place at five minutes past noon in the Microsoft Auditorium on Level One of the Central Library, and finish before 1 p.m. Admission is always free, and attendees are encouraged to bring their lunch, and bring a friend. Here’s a look at this Summer’s stories, which take us from suburbia to the Riviera to outer space:

  • New Neighbor, by Talmage Powell. When a violent punk kid starts threatening the neighbors, elderly Mrs. Capelli grows increasingly apprehensive about what his actions might lead to. Monday, June 1.
  • The 17th Rule of Highly Effective Bank Robbers, by Troy Cook. “Are you nuts? We can’t have a nine-year-old kid on this robbery!” Also Pastorale, by James M. Cain. One thing will hang a murderer for sure: a loud mouth. Monday, June 15.
  • Ginger, by Andrew Coburn. Maybe it was all that flaming red hair, but Ginger Karpowicz has certainly got the neighbors talking, and much worse. Monday, July 13.
  • Elegy, by Charles Beaumont. Desperate men are lost in space, when suddenly they find a place to rest, on beautiful Asteroid K7. But will it prove their final resting place? Monday, July 27.
  • Riviera, by Cath Staincliff. Pamela never planned on committing murder: it was her husband’s idea, inspired by his own mother. Homicide, family style! Monday, August 10.
  • Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, by Richard Matheson. Already an anxious flyer, jittery Mr. Wilson finds the view out his window a bit too breathtaking. Hear the story that inspired that unforgettable Twilight Zone episode with William Shatner. Monday, August 24.
  • The Skylight, by Penelope Mortimer. Perhaps it was a bad idea, but they were locked out of the house, with only one way in, and her child’s tiny body looked like it just might fit. Monday, September 21.

In October, Thrilling Tales picks up the pace with weekly readings of horror and ghost stories by such masters as Ray Bradbury, H.G. Wells and Edgar Allan Poe.

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