A Bouquet of Literary Gardens

by Library Staff

Find The Writer's Garden in the SPL catalog



Roald Dahl’s garden is bright with purple alliums, each
Star-burst blossom bigger than a giant peach.



Find Virginia Woolf's Garden in the SPL catalog



Virginia Woolf’s garden flowers through night and day
With burgundy dahlias lining the fragrant way.


Find Shakespeare in the Garden in the SPL catalog



In fair weather or tempest, sculpted yews
Lend to Shakespeare’s garden their verdant hues.



Find In the Garden with Jane Austen in the SPL catalog



Perfumed roses bloom without prejudice or pride
Amidst Jane Austen’s floral delights, side by side.




Find One Writer's Garden in the SPL catalog


In Eudora Welty’s garden a profusion of camellias are seen
Pink, yellow, and white against a curtain of green.



Find Wordsworth's Gardens in the SPL catalog


Fiddlehead ferns gently unfurl from the earth
A graceful prelude to the gardens of William                                                                      Wordsworth.




Find The Gardens of Emily Dickinson in the SPL catalog



In the gardens of Emily Dickinson scarlet daylilies abound
With skies in blossom and sumptuous flora all around.



Find Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life in the SPL catalog



Hedges arching above Peter Rabbit’s lettuce and carrots,
Beatrix Potter’s garden delights with bountiful merits.



Find Sissinghurst in the SPL catalog



And delicate clematis displays its Edwardian best
Climbing through the garden of Vita Sackville-West.





Last PhotoGathered together, these books make a lovely bouquet
Check them out from The Seattle Public Library today!

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