How to be an Amazing Grown-up in Ten Easy Books

By Meadow P.

Sometimes it seems as if everyone else is walking around with everything figured out: job, house, marriage, kids… and I’m over here thinking “Don’t you hate pants?”

cover image for AdultingI heart a good self-help book, especially the funny ones. So when Adulting crossed my desk, I pounced. It. Was. Hilarious. And helpful! I devoured it in one sitting and even took a few notes. Full of fun tidbits, this book prompted me to make some small yet powerful changes. If you know someone who is just starting out with this whole grownup thing (or want to brush up on it yourself), I totally think this silly/serious book will encourage one to at least be able to fake “adult” well.cover image for The Best Advice I Ever Got

Inspired by this success and another past favorite, The Best Advice I Ever Got edited by Katie Couric, I set out to find more motivation in our collection. Here is a list of the top ten books I enjoyed while learning more about this so-called adult life.

Now, to implement this newfound knowledge and save the world! (sans pants)

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