Book Bingo: Summer Reading Program … for grownups!

A summer reading program for adults? Yes, of course! Announcing … SUMMER BOOK BINGO!

Book Bingo Header smallWe’re partnering with our friends at Seattle Arts & Lectures to bring you the inaugural Summer Book Bingo, Seattle edition! Grab one of our Book Bingo cards, take on a few reading challenges (each square is a “challenge”) — and read your way to Bingo and the chance to win prizes.

Summer Book Bingo was unveiled last night at Seattle Arts & Lectures’ event with Judy Blume and Nancy Pearl (our first two Book Bingo players!). Now it’s time for you to play.

How to play:
Pick up your Book Bingo Card at any Seattle Public Library location; you can also print a PDF from the Library’s Summer Book Bingo page, or from Seattle Arts & Lectures.  Each Bingo Center Squaresquare has a reading challenge (e.g. “Read a book set in the Northwest,”  “Read a collection of short stories” or “Read a book published the year you were born”). Once you’ve met that challenge, write the title in the square. Keep going until you get five in a row (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) for Bingo, and you can enter to win one of 10 gift cards to independent book stores.  Complete all 25 squares (a Blackout!) and  enter to win the grand prize: a library of books by 2015-2016 Seattle Arts & Lectures season authors and two SAL passes for the 2015-2016 season.

How to enter the drawing to win the fabulous prizes: On the back of the Book Bingo card you’ll find the details on how to enter. But, basically, once you have BINGO or a blackout, enter at any SPL location, or enter via Twitter or Instagram. Just follow the directions on the back of the card.

Get suggestions for what to read — finding the right book for each square:

  • Ask a librarian for suggestions for squares that seem particularly challenging. Seriously: ask us! We love to match people with books.
  • You can also ask us via Twitter and Instagram (We’re using the hashtag #BookBingoNW to get people talking about their reading …)
  • Your Next 5 Books: Fill out this brief form and one of our librarians will create a list of suggestions just for you. And yes, a REAL LIVE LIBRARIAN will make your list. We’re way beyond algorithims here at SPL.
  • Look at the Seattle Arts & Lectures lineup for next year. Linda Pastan, Claudia Rankine, Srikanth Reddy are great suggestions for “Collection of Poetry,” just as one example.
  • Keep an eye here. We have 25 blog posts, one for each bingo square, in the works.

Won’t it be great to see people talking about their Book Bingo reading and progress?

3 thoughts on “Book Bingo: Summer Reading Program … for grownups!”

  1. Im ready for “book bingo” yes, just in time, still looking for another black out bingo card, that is (smile)

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