Have You Seen These Yeti?

~posted by Amy

has become the creature to feature in both picture books and children’s fiction. The trend started slowly in 2013 with the picture book The Boy who Cried, Bigfoot!, followed by Yeti, Turn Out the Light! and the chapter book The Abominables.

2014 brought several chapter book series featuring our large, hairy friends including: Alien Encounter the first book in the new series Sasquatch and the Aliens; Meet the Bigfeet, the first book in the series The Yeti Files; and Yeti Rescue from Sammy Feral’s Diaries of Weird.

In 2015 the Library added several more titles for Yeti story times including Yeti and the Bird, and coming soon to a library near you, Are We there Yeti? (I love this title), and No Yeti Yet. For our older Yeti fans, Spaghetti Yetipart of the Mariella Mystery early chapter book collection, and Hunger of the Yeti from the Scream Street series, can be found on the children’s fiction shelves.

Are we done Yeti? Not quite! If we look closer at our more local friend Sasquatch (the northwest relative of Yeti) there are even more recent titles to savor. The Secret Zoo chapter book series features a world with evil Sasquatches starting with Secret Zoo followed by Secrets and Shadows, Riddles and Danger, Traps and Specters, and finishing with Raids and Rescues . On lighter note, Terror of the Bigfoot Beast is an early chapter book also featuring everyone’s favorite dog detective Scooby-Doo, and we have two more titles for the picture book crowd, Welcome to Goon Holler and Larf.

Will the trend continue? I’m going to bet on Yeti that it does. But whether you call him (or her!) Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or Yeti, we’ve got (and will continue to get) the titles to help satisfy their big, hairy creature craving.

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