Freegal – Five for Free – Brainwave Radio Edition

By Cameron M.

The Essential Earth Wind and FireShe opened her laptop, waiting for that familiar chime and the home screen to load. Belinda’s mind began to wander, until it was just as blank as the screen in front of her, and she forgot the reason why she had picked the computer up entirely. Earth, Wind & Fire began playing on the radio of her mind. Do you remember? “Maybe, if I click on the Internet I’ll remember why I even opened this thing in the first place.” When it was like September? She raised the cup to her lips, closed her eyes, inhaled deeply through her nose and paused.


nilsson-harry-618-lTotally immersed in the wonderful aroma steaming up from the mug… Summer breeze The Isley Brothers sing Seals and Crofts while Belinda’s on a remote island somewhere in the South Pacific. Makes me feel fine. She could almost feel the sand beneath her toes, lounging underneath a palm tree, if only for a brief respite. You put the lime in the… She imagined herself sitting next to Harry Nilsson and sipping a straw from a coconut, the salty cool sea breeze rolling in off the white-capped breakers. And you [sic] mix it all around. (Belinda could never really remember the lyrics).

BusterPoindexterThe immediacy of her true mistake was realized the instant she took a sip. Ole, ole! As the piping hot coffee misted out onto her computer screen, she momentarily contemplated whether or not her tongue would ever taste things the same way again. Ole, ole! Buster Poindexter rang clear in her mind’s ear, Feelin’ hot! Hot! Hot! She ran-stumble-limp-walk-danced over spilled beverage, computer cord and footstool in to the kitchen for a rag and some ice water.

deodato-preBelinda chugged the orange juice directly from the container for no less than 15 seconds and dabbed her mouth dry with the entire roll of paper towels. Dun, dun, dun… The ever-playing brain-dio had changed its tune once again. Dun! Dun! This time, it was Deodato’s funky version of Also Sprath Thrustura (The theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey). And she remembered why she initially logged on, “Five free song downloads a week, The Seattle Public Library, Freegal.”

HornsSoundtrackAs Belinda navigated to the proper webpage she thought to herself, “Now, where’s my library card…” cue opening guitar riff from Pixies – Where is My Mind?

The songs highlighted in this post are available for free download using your SPL card via Freegal.




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