Have an Art Affair!

~posted by Library Staff

There’s nothing like a good book on a cool and cloudy day to lay the foundation for a foray into the art world. Year round, all over the city there’s more art than can meet the eye, but summer is the season to have an art affair! Now, I’m not just Playing to the Gallery.  Art moves people!

To be in the know when you show up at a show check out How to Look at Art or consider delving into How to Read Art. These books will, certainly, give you the tools necessary for understanding objects of art. If you are so moved to explore the offerings in the Pacific Northwest it would be prudent to have a guide. Something that will give you a place from which to better understand the bigger picture.

The library is the perfect place to begin your journey. The recent ShelfTalk post Art at the Library:  Public Works of Art Project points the way to resources that focus on the history of art and artists in the Pacific Northwest and highlights works of art in the library’s Northwest Art Collection. From Jet Dreams:  Art of the Fifties in the Northwest to Critical Messages: Contemporary Northwest Artists on the Environment, there are works to expand your view of art and artists in the region.

So, Why Not gather your Loud Bones Where Sky Meets Earth and Between Clouds of Memory and Shimmer venture out for A Punch of Color? Will you always be Testing your Findings with A Turbulent Lens?  Don’t you know that there are Patterns of Dreams and Nature, Signs of Home? Go forth, Storm Watch, Collect Raindrops, feed your eye! You are Never Late for Heaven. Vital Signs are everywhere framed, on a pedestal, hanging, encased. Each Line, Form, Color waiting to be seen. Ok, the price might make for a little heartbreak. Collect yourself. Don’t Hold it Against Me. Of course there is a skill to Collecting Art for Love, Money and More. All’s not fair in art or war. But, an eye does not have to buy beauty. You can borrow it and the library has more than enough eye-candy to spare. This summer of flame and flare.  Dare to make a date with art!

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