Romance: Until the End of Time by Danielle Steele

– posted by Tinh

Until the End of Time by Danielle Steel

Until the End of Time is an interesting, unbelievably sweet story about the destiny and fate of two different couples, four decades apart.  The strong, deep love between Bill and Jenny stirs in a reader the desire for such perfect love in life.  Bill was a dedicated young lawyer who left everything to become a minister.  Jenny was a successful and talented fashion stylist. Bill met Jenny and fell in love at first sight. He loved everything about her and treated her with such respect, thoughtfulness, support and love that she could not help but returned his love.  The second couple is Robert and Lillibet, whose fates are connected through a book Lillibet had written.  Robert owned a publishing company, and Lillibet’s book caught his attention and he quickly fell in love with her writing.  He was intrigued by Lillibet being an Amish girl and soon fell in love with her even before he met her.  Lillibet’s father opposed her publishing as it violated the Amish rules.  What would she do and what would the couple face?

Both Jenny and Lillibet are very unique individuals who have interesting personalities and talents.  Jenny is a strong willed and hard working lady, very creative and talented in what she does.  She carries herself and dresses in an urban style and is very career driven.  On the other hand, Lillibet is more like a country girl, a care taker, although she is also strong will and determined.  I admire Lillibet’s courage to continue with the publishing of her book despite strong objection from her father.

The love story about these two couples is a dream that almost never comes true in reality. It’s rare to find love at first sight, let alone loving someone deeply even before the encounter.  I was especially touched by the way Robert expressed his love toward Lillibet while Lillibet was unconscious after an accident.  Though the love story is too perfect for reality, it is quite interesting to read.  It is a love story desired by readers across the nation.

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