Book Bingo: Checked Out from the Library

Book Bingo Checked Out Library     – posted by Sarah.

This summer The Seattle Public Library, in partnership with Seattle Arts & Lectures, is excited to offer a summer reading program for adults called Summer Book Bingo! In order to help you along on your quest to complete your bingo sheet, we have pulled together some book suggestions based on each category. Follow this series throughout the summer!

Given how hectic life can get, it can be hard to slow down and take the time to meander through a leisurely-paced novel. A summer vacation can provide an opportunity to enjoy the deliciously lazy feeling of lingering over an author’s turn of a phrase while lounging by the pool or sipping espresso at a sidewalk cafe. For your next vacation, I recommend Haruki Murakami’s literary romance Norwegian Wood. The book, translated from the original Japanese, is a middle-aged man’s sweet and sad reminiscence of his college days, coming of age in 60’s Tokyo, and the two women that he fell in love with.

Regardless of the type of vacation that you’re taking, Seattle Public Library has the book in a format that will work for you:

  • Driving to the lake? Pick up a print copy before you go so you can read it while sunning yourself on a blanket in the grass.
  • Going backpacking? I know, you can’t weight your pack down with heavy novels. You’d better download the e-book onto your e-reader. Wait – you’re hiking up a mountain trail? Better yet, download the book onto your smart phone! It will give you some entertainment when you’re stretched out in your sleeping bag.
  • Going on a road trip? Download the audiobook to enjoy the novel without taking your eyes off of the road.
  • Going to Ueno Park in Tokyo to stroll through the cherry trees? Oh, you’ll probably need the book in its original Japanese, won’t you? The library’s got it for you! (Also in Chinese, if you prefer.)
  • Staying with some friends in another city? You probably won’t want to hole up in the guest room reading. Why not bring the DVD of the film adaptation? The visually stunning, Japanese-language movie will be a great conversation piece for you and your artsy friends. (Though, admittedly, if you’re tired from a long day of sightseeing you might doze off to this slower-paced movie.) Oh, you’ve already left town? Don’t worry, you can watch the movie online using Seattle Public Library’s streaming video and music service, Hoopla. (I won’t tell anyone if you count the movie on your Book BINGO card! We’ll keep it between you and me, okay?)
  • And if, like the novel’s main character Toru, you are overcome with reverie each time you hear the song “Norwegian Wood,” I suggest you download a version of the song from Freegal, the library’s online MP3 music collection, to listen to during the plane ride back to Seattle. It will bring back memories of how great your vacation was, since you had the time to finish such a great novel.

Of course we also have many titles in Large Print format, and as audiobooks on CD, so checking out a book from the library has never been easier, or more various. More information about accessing digital formats with various devices can be found on SPL’s website, and never hesitate to ask a librarian for help.

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