October Takeover: Oh, the Trebuchets of Fall!

~posted by Jenny C. 

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, dear readers, but generally speaking the Shelftalk blog is a pretty diverse place. On any given day, you might find a post about Banned Books, or Seattle History, or even Bananas. It’s a veritable cornucopia of themes, and that’s lovely, but some of our staff writers got excited recently, and we have an announcement to make:

We’re taking over October, and we have a Theme.

For the month of October, Shelftalk becomes about all things fall – pumpkins, traditions, ghosts, Halloween, crafting, zombies, Booktoberfest and recipes. Any kind of October themed post is welcome, and we’re going all out. Usually we only post on weekdays — but not for October. We have so many posts already planned that we’ve almost filled the weekends, and might double up here and there. It was a long, hot, sunny, summer and we are ready for the seasonal change. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating rain and foliage!

Find the Art of the Catapult in the SPL catalogAs for me, my personal fall tradition is to excitedly look forward to the Pumpkin Hurl in October, only to realize belatedly that it happened in mid-September. Every year. I made it there once, with my fellow siege engine enthusiasts, and it was magnificent! Pumpkins hurled via trebuchet competed at distance and accuracy. Some flew so high that the exploded over our heads, and there were teams of engineers working on these enormous machines! It was wonderful!

Find Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 3 Build Siege Weapons of the Dark Ages in the SPL catalogSome day I will get the date right, but in the mean time, I feel that the world will be a better place with more launching mechanisms, so here are some inspirations for building your own. Catapults are pretty cool, but the trebuchet, with its extra flinging motion, is where it’s at for me. Even if it’s just a small one, think about the possibilities! You can launch apples or mini pumpkins or even wee watermelons (in season). Tomatoes would make a wonderful splat, and even the tiny ones are tremendous for food fights. And you can make one at work, with office supplies. Go forth, my friends, and hurl!

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