October Takeover: Crafting for the Apocalypse

~posted by Carrie M.

So, it’s finally happened: the world as we know it has ended. That’s right, it’s the apocalypse, and you have found yourself as one of the few lucky survivors. Congratulations! But does living in dystopian future without all the conveniences of the past really mean that you have to give up your favorite hobbies and crafts? Absolutely not! This short list of craft books will help keep you safe, stylish, and clean while you fight your way through the scorched remains of the world.

Find Junk Genius in the SPL catalogIf you’re thinking about gadgets and gizmos to make your new life in the wastelands easier, be sure to check out Awesome Projects from Unexpected Places, Junk Genius, and The Handmade Home. These books will teach you how to repurpose all the items you’ve salvaged from the old world to make them useful again (or turn them into valuable trade objects). You can learn how to make baby slings, test tube spice racks, wooden beer mugs, how to turn old crates into portable gardens, and so much more!

Find Doomsday Knits in the SPL catalogCreating the appropriate garments for your adventures will also be crucial to your survival. Check out Spin to Knit, Yarn Works, and Fiber Gathering for step by step instructions on spinning and dyeing your own yarns for garments, netting, or other survival gear. When it comes to making your own clothing with your new handspun yarn, you can’t go wrong with Doomsday Knits. This pattern book has garments for your every apocalypse need from global flooding to nuclear winters to mutant and zombie attacks. It’s an excellent book to have and well worth the extra weight in your bugout bag.

Find Soap Maker's Workshop in the SPL catalogThere’s no doubt that whatever apocalyptic nightmare befalls us, things are going to get smelly and gross. What’s worse is that the looters will no doubt have cleaned the stores out of your favorite soaps and skin creams (valuable for trading). What’s a person to do? The solution lies in getting your hands on Soap Maker’s Workshop, Organic Body Care Recipes, and Homemade Beauty for all of your personal care needs. You can learn how to make and cure your own soaps, make your own body lotions and face creams, and even how to treat minor skin problems and irritations without the use of now hard to find over-the-counter treatments.

So whether it’s zombies, floods, drought or disease, The Seattle Public Library has a guide for every one of your apocalypse needs. Be safe, and good luck out there!

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