October Takeover: ZomB Movies

~posted by Kara F. 

The BatteryThe Battery was simple in its execution, a dark film with a surprising amount of heart. It was a much more realistic film than other zombie movies I’ve seen in the past and by far my favorite. The film is about two guys and their baseball bats just trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, and bugging each other a whole lot along the way. I liked the relationship between these two friends because I could see myself being thankful for having someone by my side, but also getting annoyed as heck with them.

Cockneys vs ZombiesCockneys Vs. Zombies was quirky and odd, basically so very British. A group of friends go a mission to rob a bank to save a retirement home from being demolished. One of them has a grandfather who resides there, so between their inept skills at bank robbing and the zombie horde unleashed upon them, let’s just say it’s a good thing the humor can get you through… sometimes.

ZombeaversNow Zombeavers, yup, you read that right…and the cover… this one was by far the corniest of the bunch, but I couldn’t take me eyes off of the film. I mean what can go wrong in a cabin in the woods on a beaver infested lake when toxic sludge rolls in! Despite the corn factor, this is definitely a must-watch with a group of friends and a film worthy of a drinking game invented in its honor. Go forth and conquer, I say!

All Cheerleaders DieAll Cheerleaders Die
was a bit fluffy, but an interesting concept. It has all the girl drama of Mean Girls, but has a more boys against girls vibe going on. After her friend Alexis’ death the year before, Maddy decides to join the cheerleading squad to exact revenge on Alexis’ boyfriend. Add in a lesbian Wiccan ex-girlfriend and some powerful stones and boys being jerks—well it all goes a little haywire. Not that I was expecting much from zombie cheerleaders, but it kind of let me down. At least I got a few laughs out of it.

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