October Takeover: Terrible, Terrible Movies

~posted by Carrie M. 

There are some people who live for a good blockbuster horror film. You know, A-list actors, huge budgets, and tons of high-end special effects, that sort of thing. Sure, those kinds of horror movies are all but guaranteed to give you thrills and chills, but where are the laughs? For a little comedic relief this Halloween season, be sure to check out our list of “terrible” movies starring people you’ve probably never heard of, and budgets that are often less than five figures.

Find The Evil Dead in the SPL catalogNo B-movie list would be complete without mentioning the Evil Dead trilogy and the incomparable Bruce Campbell. The original series follows the protagonist, Ashley J “Ash” Williams (Bruce Campbell) through the three films. The first film, The Evil Dead introduces us to Campbell’s character and the “Book of the Dead” that he and his friends stumble upon while out in a cabin in the woods. Low budget gore and horror ensue (plus a few unintended laughs), and the viewer is left with a cliff-hanger ending, wondering what happened to lone survivor Ash.

Find Evil Dead II in the SPL catalogThankfully, Evil Dead II picks up where the first left off, though this time the comedy is more deliberate. Once again, while on vacation in a cabin in the woods (are you noticing a pattern here, too?), Ash is forced to do battle with the forces brought about through the “Book of the Dead.” Cue the low-budget horror effects and cheesy one-liners, but this time, Ash finds himself transported back to medieval England (something he is not happy about).


Find Army of Darkness in the SPL catalogThe third installment, Army of Darkness wraps up the whole trilogy with a big red bow. Army of Darkness is all about Ash’s journey through 1300 A.D., and how he led an army of medieval knights to complete victory over the evils awoken by the “Book of the Dead.” Overall, this is a great movie series start to finish, and each movie takes itself less seriously than the last. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll gasp – but mostly just laugh – at this amazing trilogy.

Find Sleepaway Camp in the SPL catalogIf you’re in the mood for something less deliberately laughable (but still hilarious), be sure to check out the 80’s slasher flick classic, Sleepaway Camp. The story follows teenaged cousins Angela and Ricky on their journey to summer camp. Many of the teens at camp bully Angela and Ricky, but soon said bullies began dying in mysterious “accidents.” The movie has a shocking twist ending, but that does nothing to detract from the hilarity of bad acting, bad editing, and bad special effects. Overall, it’s the execution of this little gem that really makes it “terrible” movie material.

Find Dead Snow in the SPL catalogFinally, a more recent “terrible” movie pick is a Norwegian gem titled Dead Snow. Like so many horror movie plots, this begins with a group of students on vacation in a remote location. When the students find a treasure box, they celebrate like crazy until a battalion of undead Nazis come after them to take back the stolen artifacts. This is another movie that isn’t deliberately funny, but the plotline, over-the-top-gore, and poor special effects make this a new classic for the ages.

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