October Takeover: Werewolf Fiction

~ Posted by Lindsay S.

It was discovered on the eighth day of our October Takeover that we didn’t have any posts planned about werewolves. I declared this deficiency a travesty and a crime against Halloween, and promised to rectify the mishap immediately. The truth is, I don’t know all that much about werewolves, but I do know you can’t have an October Takeover without at least mentioning our furry, lycanthropic compatriots.

Cover image for Lunatic CafeThe problem then becomes: what type of werewolves (and other shifty creatures) do I want to tell you about? Do we go the Laurell K. Hamilton route and discuss the sad state of lycanthropy vaccinations? If you read the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, you’ll find that in addition to getting a bad patch of the vaccine, you might also get scratched by, bitten by, or turned into a shifty creature by unscrupulous witches (more on them in posts to come!). My favorite example of Laurell K. Hamilton werewolves is found in Lunatic Café, which, in addition to wolves, has just about every other animal you’d ever wanted to change into, and some that you really wouldn’t (rats? Really).

Cover image for Fool MoonPerhaps you’d rather take on this important subject from the perspective of Jim Butcher, who, in Fool Moon, relates that there are a wide variety of werewolves. Some are friendly neighborhood gamers and some are ravening beasts enslaved by the phases of the moon. Either way, you’re going to need a pentacle.


Cover image for Moon CalledOh! That reminds me of Patricia Briggs. Her Mercy Thompson series stars a skinwalking coyote (so not a werewolf) who is friends-ish with the local werewolf pack. The first book, Moon Called, introduces you to Mercy and her friends and this series also takes place near the Tri-Cities, so it has a local connection.


These are all fairly urban fantasy based stories, but don’t limit your werewolf consumption to that popular subgenre. Werewolves have been big in movies and fiction for generations! From the friendly Daniel Osbourne of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to the sinister Wolf Man of classic movie-fare werewolves abound! One thing is certain – if you feel the urge to howl at the moon, you might not be alone. And you might be a werewolf.

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