Freegal Five for Free: Movin’ n’ Shakin’ Edition

-posted by Cameron M.

Did you know that each and every week, each and every Seattle Public Library cardholder has the option to download five free songs? It’s true! DRM-free and yours to keep forever and ever, at least until your hard drive crashes (but seriously though, back up your files). Here are five suggested tracks to get you moving, wherever your destination may be.

Cover image for Night Beat by Sam CookeSam CookeYou Gotta Move
One of the greatest voices of all time belonged to Sam Cooke. Now, to paraphrase The Dude, I know that “that’s just like, my opinion, man.” Cooke’s evocative timbre is so drenched in feeling that when the needle hits the groove, it draws up all of his pleasure and pain exuding soul through the stereo. Cooke’s 1963 album Night Beat is chock full o’ classic tunes. For the purposes of this post, “You Gotta Move,” is highlighted, circled in red, and given a gold star as a standout cut.

cover image for Taj Mahal's Music Keeps Me TogetherTaj MahalFurther on Down the Road
This is the original version of this song from Taj Mahal’s Music Keeps Me Together album, released in 1975. I was unaware of this fact previous to researching this post. My first introduction to this song was the 2008 version featuring Jack Johnson from Taj’s masterful “Maestro.” It was quite a treat for me to discover this original version, and whether you’ve heard one, the other, either or neither, I hope you feel the same way, too.

Cover image for Del Shannon's Greatest HitsDel ShannonRunaway
If you’ve ever seen the movie Wayne’s World 2, you might remember the tall-tale telling, burnt-out roadie named Del Preston who helps the protagonists to put on a concert called Waynestock. What does this have to do with Del Shannon’s “Runaway?” Nothing, I just really love that character and Del Shannon’s name always reminds me of him. The inner workings of the human brain really are a wonder. Truthfully, I think I love the song “Runaway” even more than I love the movie character. Between the awesome piano riff and Shannon’s vocal inflection when he sings, “I wah-wah-wah-wah wonder… why? Wah-wah-wah-wah why, she went away,” I can’t help but sing along at the top of my lungs. I bet you can’t either.

Cover image for Walk Don't Run - The VenturesThe VenturesWalk, Don’t Run
The pride of Tacoma, Washington, The Ventures were a surf rock institution in the 1960s and “Walk, Don’t Run” was easily their biggest hit. Although the song is a cover, originally written by Johnny Smith, The Venture’s version is probably the most well-known. Residing in the same rarified ocean air as such classic surf tunes like the Surfari’s “Wipeout” (also available for free download here) and more than a few Beach Boys tunes, this writer recommends that you run, don’t walk to Freegal and download “Walk, Don’t Run.”

Cover image for Cee-lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect ImperfectionsOne for the road
“I have millenniums of material and rivers of rhythm, an entire ocean of emotion that’s enlightening to swim in.” So declares Southern rapper/crooner Cee-Lo Green in the opening line of his first verse and the ensuing grandiloquence confirms the veracity of that statement. A jazzy, slow burner, “One for the road” simultaneously showcases Cee-Lo’s smooth and speedy delivery, as well as his propensity for using alliteration and interesting metaphors in his writing.

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