BookFlix: A Fun Learning Database for Children

posted by Duan

Book FlixAs a Seattle Public Library card holder, you can not only check out books, books on CDs, DVDs, and music CDs for your children by visiting your local branch, you can also remotely access many library-subscribed databases at home. If you want to help your child become a fluent, confident, and independent reader, I’d recommend you to check out the fun database BookFlix.

BookFlix can be accessed from the Seattle Public Library’s home page at From there, click on the Audiences tab on the right hand side, click on Children and then Online Resources, and you’ll see BookFlix on the top of the online resources list. You’ll need to enter your library card number and pin to access the database.

BookFlix has been designed to provide a fun learning experience for K-3rd grade students. There are nine themes in the database that students can explore: Animals and Nature, Earth and Sky, People and Places, ABC’s and 1, 2, 3’s, Family and Community, Music and Rhyme, Adventure, Celebrations, and Imagination. Under each theme, each topic has a pair of books, one fiction and one nonfiction. Watching the stories on a topic in video form can make learning fun and interesting, and reading the paired nonfiction book helps children develop their critical reading and comprehension skills while increasing their vocabulary. Pairing fiction and nonfiction together for a topic also helps children understand the difference between fact and fiction.

After watching a story and reading a paired book, children are led to do some fun activities: Word Match, Fact or Fiction, and Which Came First to review what they just learned.

Have fun and explore BookFlix with your children.

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