Oh the Hilarity!

~posted by Jenny C.

It’s been a while since I shared my favorite silly picture books with you, and I have a whole new crop of ridiculous and delightful picks!

Find McToad Mows Tiny Island in the SPL catalogMcToad Mows Tiny Island
by Tom Angleberger
This book is both completely ludicrous in plot and remarkably satisfying. McToad loves Thursdays, because on Thursdays he mows tiny island. It speaks to me as someone who inevitably does things the hard way, because it’s more fun. McToad’s appealing, warty face really adds to the experience of this excellent collection of Things That Go.Find Hooray for Hat in the SPL catalog

Hooray for Hat by Brian Won
This book is worth reading for the Giraffe’s toothy smile alone, but it’s also a wonderful cheer-you-up, no matter what’s got your down. Everyone starts out grumpy until the hat parade, which I think is an excellent commentary on life, when you think about it. I mean, who doesn’t need a hat parade?

Find The Bear Ate Your Sandwich in the SPL catalog
The Bear Ate Your Sandwich

by Julia Sarcone-Roach
Ok, first of all, no bears come to harm in this book. This is important to note. Also, the sneaky, sandwich eating bear illustrations are hysterically funny — look at that bear face! How he longs for the sandwich! Also, the plot twist makes me giggle every. single. time.

Find Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads in the SPL catalogKid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads
by Bob Shea
What do you do when a cattle-kissin’ threat comes to town? Call for a help from your new sheriff and his trusty tortoise! Excellent, complex, illustrations, and a really silly sense of humor that should appeal to all dinosaur loving, smart-aleck readers. Best line: Give him a minute.

Find Big Bad Bubble in the SPL catalogBig Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin
Ok, so I thought that Dragons Love Tacos was my favorite Rubin book, because it’s uproariously funny, but this one? This one! Is the funniest book ever. Tell Wumpus to stop crying, he’s in the funniest book ever. You hear that, Yerbert? Froofle? Mogo? Let’s talk about bubbles, shall we?
um, yeah. Just read it.

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