Happy Hour at Home

The older I get the more I like staying at home, especially when it comes to imbibing a few alcoholic beverages. At home I’m safe and comfortable and I’m not breaking the bank. I got to thinking how I could make a happy hour at home more inviting to my partner and friends. Here are a few books in our collection that gave me a few ideas.

For Booze and Bites:

Happy Hour at HomeHappy Hour at Home: Libations and Small Plates for Easy Get-togethers by Barbara Scott-Goodman

I mean the title alone…plus it covers different appetizers in different regions.

My favorite selections were:

Manchego Stuffed Dates: I worked with dates in a recipe a few months ago and the idea of cheese and bacon with it, truly drool worthy.

Tomato Bread: I liked the idea of grilling bread, this will definitely be a happy hour at home staple with cheeses and a beverage or two!

Shandy Gaff: Love me a shandy, especially a gingered one!

Pimms Cup: A drink I tried for the first time in Pike Place last year; I now know how to make at home.

Thug KitchenThug Kitchen: Party Grub

Epicness for vegans and non-vegans alike, they just know how to kick@** in the kitchen.

My favorite selections were:

Roasted Garlic Pull-Apart Bread: Who doesn’t like eating things with their hands?! If they don’t you should have one less friend.

Boozy Watermelon And Papaya Salad: Two words…boozy fruit. Sign me up!

Peach Juleps: Mint, Bourbon, and Peach! A new favorite for those couch sitting looking out the window kind of days.

Red Sangria with Winter Fruit: I’m a huge Sangria fan and feel like it’s truly a drink for all seasons, give this one a go!

Just Booze:

Coctails The New ClassicsCocktails: The New Classics by Frederic Le Bordays

Old school with a new twist, stunning photographs, and helpful techniques and an equipment guide to accomplish these delectable cocktails!

My new classic yet old school favorites were:

The Bramble– Simple recipe with a focus on blackberry liqueur to get your tastebuds dancing.

Tommy’s Margarita– A simple version that has me breaking out the Herradura for that smooth finish.

Old Fashioned– Mmmmm, Bourbon…that is all.

Elderflower Gin Mule– love this variation with the elderflower liqueur, you can’t go wrong with St. Germain in my humble opinion.

Just Bites:

Party Perfect BitesParty-perfect Bites: Delicious Recipes for Canapés, Finger Food and Party Snacks by Milli Taylor

A fancy take on small bites, it also spans regions which adds a nice diversity of flavors.

Beetroot Hummus: I’ve had a variation of this before and all I can say it is AMAZING!!!

Watermelon, Feta, Basil, and Balsamic: Fruit and cheese, can’t go wrong with that! A coworker did a version of this for a potluck, it was divine.

Duck Breast Chinese Pancakes: Another similar dish a coworker did, simple and easy directions, but looks like it took time and effort.

Chocolate and Espresso Pots: I love things in shot glasses, this dessert is decadent, but small so it’s not overwhelming. You can also make it the night before.

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