Looking for events in Seattle?

~posted by Anne C.

Seattle is a dynamic city, with enough going on throughout the year to pique anyone’s interest—but when you’re new in town, or have been here a while and want to break out of your routine, it can be a challenge to find just the right show, reading, club gathering, or event to plug into. This can be especially true when you find yourself newly in charge of a small child, a relative of a different generation, or any out-of-town guest with tastes much different from your own.

Never fear, though. The Seattle Public Library is here to help you have a great time!

The Seattle Public Library itself sponsors a host of great programs, of course, but we also keep track of some of the best event calendars and venues elsewhere in the city so we are ready to provide a wide range of suggestions to anyone in need.

Here are some of our favorites:

At Seattle’s Town Hall – Browse upcoming Town Hall event listings, or search for events by category, tag or keyword.

The Stranger Suggests… — Pick a date and browse The Stranger’s “Best picks in music, film, food, art, theater, books and miscellaneous fun.”

City of Seattle General Events Calendar – Interested in activities for Seniors on Capitol Hill, or pets in Columbia City? The City of Seattle helps you find them all.

Seattle Weekly Events Calendar – This local paper lets you sort local events by type, date, neighborhood and more.

To browse these calendars and several more, check out the resource list What’s Happening in Seattle, located in the library catalog. In fact, you may pass a diverting hour just exploring the many staff curated lists you’ll find there.

Do you have a favorite source for local event information? Comment and let us know!

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