Remembering Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman. Image from Wikipedia.
Alan Rickman. Image from Wikipedia

Today, we mourn the loss of Alan Rickman, who died at the age of 69 in London. He was a versatile actor who starred in dozens of films and plays on both sides of the Atlantic. While he is known to almost everyone as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films, Rickman leaves behind an impressive body of work to be discovered. Among them:

Die HardRickman’s first role in an American film, he is perfect as Hans Gruber, the wicked foil to John McClane (Bruce Willis).

Truly Madly DeeplyIn what’s been called a “thinking person’s Ghost,” Rickman returns from the dead to comfort his girlfriend (Juliet Stevenson) in this unusual romantic comedy.

Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesRickman won a BAFTA award for his supporting role as Sheriff George of Nottingham in this Kevin Costner adaptation.

Sense and SensibilityHis performance as Colonel Brandon in Emma Thompson’s adaptation of the classic novel is lovely.

Michael CollinsRickman earned another BAFTA nomination for his portrayal as Eamon de Valera in this Irish political thriller.

Galaxy Quest. He showed a flair for comedy as Shakespearean trained turned soap opera star Alexander Dane in this affectionate sci-fi parody.

Love ActuallyDon’t miss his performance as Emma Thompson’s unfaithful husband in what has become a beloved holiday classic.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the GalaxyThere’s no better showcase for Rickman’s distinctive voice than this, as the hilariously downbeat voice of Marvin the robot.

A Little Chaos. In his second (and final) film in the director’s chair, Rickman plays King Louis XIV as he presides over the building of the garden at Versailles.

In talking to someone today about Rickman’s death, their initial remark was “he’s a great villian.” Rickman would beg to differ, since he once said “I don’t play villains, I play very interesting people.” Indeed.

R.I.P. Mr Rickman.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Alan Rickman”

  1. Oh how I wish SPL had a copy of The Winter Guest. This is one of those quiet but deeply moving films that Alan Rickman directed so beautifully. Hopefully it will be re-released now,

  2. you didn’t mentioin an overlooked film. Bottle Shock is the story of the first California Chardonney to receive a French Best wine award. Alan Rickman plays a snobby wine taster who can’t believe the wine is so good. I think it was also Chris Pines debut in the acting world.

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