Send us a story: Door to a Pink Universe


I hid out in a big pink notebook….I made myself a universe in it…
~Octavia Butler

The operative word is open. Open the door. Enter. I don’t have to tell you, traveler, that a library is a vast, uncharted tendril of time. Have you not traversed, at least, two worlds, to arrive at the hive? Did you not cross galaxies, seeker, of gatherings to ply countless worlds beneath velocities of vellum, bound up in clusters, waiting to be flung open, pulled down and carried away? What unworldly wavelength were you traveling upon? What brought you to that one shelf, that singular screen to delve, yes, partake of these boundless offerings?

There are, as we know, great imitators, gussied-up duplicators and second-hand spawn. Countless devices have taken possession of who, but you? That bookstore, those stalls in sundry malls, even the home library quaint and comforting as it may be dare not compare to an edifice, of dusty dimensions, that holds endless beginnings poised for the taking. I mean checking out, of course.

Check this out. Who else, but yourself, delves into a space where the past meets its future just as the present reveals in its presence, the way.

Yes, go hunting, travel on a path to a destination that can only be yours. These are planetary matters. Don’t avoid the void that sent you spiraling out, gravitating towards one peculiar page, backlit and glowing, that bids you follow its path. This is the realm of the uncatalogued imagination. It is a place where tides of thoughts orbit in and out until a body settles, not upon this Information Age, but the Formation Stage.

That is what she discovered. Octavia Butler, fellow traveler and guide. For her, a library offered refuge and renewal, new worlds to traverse, a place to journey into a space and plumb its depths and write the night out of her heart. All along there is the finding of clues, the curiosity of inhabitants, those impossible possibilities of a dare to go there into the worlds, inhabit every possibility, make your presence known. Make your presence known, send us a story. Enter the door! The Door to a Pink Universe. Seattle Public Library’s Flash Fiction Contest.

We’re looking for stories that are set in any one of the Seattle Public Libraries. Besides the Central Library there are 26 neighborhood branches and millions of books and other materials to inspire any galactic jaunt. Here are the details. Check out our resource list.  Whether you write to read, read to write or just simply read, get busy with The Door to a Pink Universe reading list. Discover works that challenge long-held societal norms around race, gender and power. Go traveling. Then, come on in!

Write the night out of your heart and set it spinning. Oh, yes, luminous, make it a luminous tale. One that is comet bright and startling to the eye.

~ posted by Chris

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