Awesome Upcoming Children’s Fantasy Titles

-posted by Selby G. 

This is your ‘fair warning’ to get your ‘fantastic eyes’ on these great kids’ fantasy books and become a ‘reader’ before the latest installments come out.

I am insanThe Luck Uglies cover imageely excited for March 1st, and not because it is National Pig Day or the sixtieth day of the year. I am excited because the third installment of the Luck Uglies series by Paul Durham, Rise of the Ragged Clover, comes out that day. Who are the Luck Uglies, you ask? Think Robin Hood’s merry men with rough edges and questionable morals. But really the story revolves around a young girl named Rye, her village of Drowning, and some nasty Bog Noblins. The first two books, The Luck Uglies and Forked-tongue Charmers, are packed with action and adventure and a lot of fun.

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes cover imageAfter you’ve caught up with the Luck Uglies you still have a little time before the sequel to Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes (written by Jonathan Auxelier) comes out on April 5th. Sophie Quire and The Last Storyguard looks to be just as enchanting as Peter was. If you don’t know about Peter, he’s a blind thief who steels three pairs of fantastic eyes… and then things get strange, but also really entertaining.


The Forbidden Library cover imageIf you are a speed reader and get done with Peter Nimble and the Luck Uglies by April 12th (or any time after that), then check out The Glass Palace, the third book in The Forbidden Library series by Django Wexler. Although I don’t believe libraries should be forbidden, after reading about Alice and her adventures, I can see why this one is. If you have ever wanted to actually be inside a book, this story might make you think twice!

One thought on “Awesome Upcoming Children’s Fantasy Titles”

  1. I don’t want my child to grow up fast, but I definitely am looking forward for her to get JUST old enough to read all of these!

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