City Council Reads – Lorena Gonzalez, Citywide Position

The Seattle City Council was sworn in last month, and we here at ShelfTalk thought asking them about books would be a great way to learn more about our councilmembers. We asked them to tell us about books they’ve read (or almost read), books they want to read, books that inspired them, books they feel guilty about not finishing, or books that they think people should read. We’ll feature their responses as we receive them. Next up is Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez


An inspiring book to you personally or a book that changed your life: 



Revolt of the Cockroach People  by Oscar Zeta Acosta – I read this book as a young adult and it changed the way I looked at the world considerably

A book that you feel guilty about not finishing:

None — give yourself permission to quit a book that doesn’t speak to your interests or fails to entertain.

A book that you loved as a child:Borrowers2

The Borrowers by Mary Norton – it’s all about these gnomes who take things.  They don’t steal them, but rearrange things – it’s very mystical and I was completely consumed by these stories as a child.

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