Bike Everywhere Day with Books on Bikes!

How is your Bike to Work Month going? At the Library, we’re bike enthusiasts all the time. Perhaps you’ve heard about our Books on Bikes program. We can thank Jared Mills and Linda Johns for initiating this grant-funded pilot program in 2013, setting up customized trailers and a special collection of library materials of 400 popular titles that can be biked around to different events in the neighborhood [1]. Books on Bikes, or BoB, is a great community resource that can serve patrons who might not be able (or want to) go into a library branch, registering new borrowers, checking items out, or just hanging out together in the park. In the beginning the BoB team would haul bike trailers ranging from 18-40 pounds [2] and capable of lugging 500 pounds of materials [3], from Central Library all the way to places like Seward Park, then back again. That’s a load of commitment!

Books on Bikes is celebrating Bike to Work Month too. On Bike Everywhere Day, Friday May 20, get up early to join BoB and bike commuters at a Celebration Station! Whether you go to Central Library or Beacon Hill, you are sure to get energized by everyone’s enthusiasm. (You can also check out Cascade Bicycle Club’s Celebration Station Map to find one closer to your home.) For more events this year, keep up-to-date on the library website or hashtag #BooksonBikes on Twitter.

Here are a couple of our favorite photos of BoB out and about:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now with a few years on their backs, the Books on Bikes folk have learned how to promote safety and efficiency for staff involved. For example bike trailers are delivered the morning of events to the nearest branch, which reduces travel time. Also staff are bringing unique talents to their BoB public appearances, such as story times at Seward Park with guitar-wielding librarian Will. Ongoing equipment additions include a popup tent that allows readers to lounge in shade while reading newly checked out items. Keep an eye out — you might find Books on Bikes at a Farmers Market or at Golden Gardens if you are lucky!

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