Strategies and Techniques for Language Learning

Learning another language can either be a daunting task or a fun hobby- depending on how you look at it. Most people tend to put it into the ‘daunting task’ category but there are a few who find it to be a fun pastime. To get myself in the mindset of learning another language I decided to see if there were any TED Talks on the subject. I was not disappointed.

The first video I watched was a presentation by Tim Doner who started learning languages when he was a kid for fun. Now he speaks a wide variety of languages fluently. In this video he talks about his techniques for learning a language and how you can apply them to your own studies.

I then watched this video by Sid Efromovich about his 5 Techniques to speak any language. This video makes you think of language learning as more than just words you need to memorize but instead sounds you combine to create understanding.

There are many great TED Talks on YouTube about language learning that you can find by just searching. Once you watch one you will want to watch another and amass as many tips and tricks as you can find to make the process of learning another language more enjoyable. However, there are also books that may be of help.

Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis is a popular book filled with hacks to help you learn a language faster. He also has a popular blog and YouTube channel dedicated to language learning. There is also Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner which focuses on the learning process and making it stick. And if you are really interested in what goes on in our brains when we learn then Becoming Fluent by Richard Roberts, a book about the cognitive science of language learning, could be just your ticket.

I hope these videos and books give you a little more insight, and even some inspiration, for learning another language. If you have more tips and tricks or favorite books and videos then leave a comment and let us know so we can all share in the fun of learning another language.

~posted by Selby G.

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