Suspenseful Summer Storytimes

Remember gathering around the campfire on a warm summer night to listen to gripping stories? Recapture the magic during your lunch hour, twice each month this summer at Thrilling Tales, our Library’s much lauded story time for grown ups. Listen to inspired Image courtesy of Howard Ignatius, via Flickrreadings of a variety of strange, devious and wonderful tales at our Central Branch, Mondays at 1
2:05 – 12:50 p.m. Admission is free, and while we won’t be roasting s’mores, a lot of folks bring their lunch. Here is what’s in store this Summer.

  • Monday, June 20:
    The Purple Shroud, by Joyce Harrington.
     Some say leave murder to the professionals, but for the creative Mrs. Moon it is a matter of inspiration and artisanal skill.
  • Monday, July 11: The Howling Man, by Charles Beaumont. Deep within the remote German Abbey of St. Wulfran’s is an evil secret, soon to be revealed to an unsuspecting world. Beaumont’s ingenious tale is a Twilight Zone classic.
  • Monday, July 25The Two Bottles of Relish, by Lord Dunsany. Meet Smithers, a small man with a big story to tell about a murder most foul, and how he helped solve the case. Macabre culinary fare.
  • Monday, August 8Pacific 421, by August Derleth. When you see that ghost train coming, you’d best step off the tracks. Classic supernatural suspense.
  • Monday, August 22Fingers on the Back of the Neck, by Margaret Mahy.
    When Ivor was a boy, he loved his great grandmother’s reassuring touch. Not anymore. Not ever again.
  • Monday, September 12A Nice Place to Stay, by Nedra Tyre. All she needed was a little space. She never meant to kill anyone. Why wouldn’t they just leave her alone?
  • Monday, September 26: Bright Phoenix, by Ray Bradbury. Like most of us, the new Leader came to the library for the books. But he came to burn them. Thrilling Tales celebrates Banned Book Week

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