Get Outside: Crafting

Click here to view Plant Craft in the SPL catalogI grew up in Highland Park, a neighborhood that knocks on the door of White Center, in West Seattle. It was a childhood spent outside. I had a wonderful sloping hill in my front yard that was perfect for rolling down; the grass was soft and filled with clover and daises. I’d spend a lot of my time playing hot lava monster with the neighborhood kids, walking to the local park a block away to see how high the swings could take us, enjoying quiet time alone making mud pies and daisy chains, or climbing in the giant tree that grew in the corner of my lot. There is something about the outdoors that brings that all back; our imagination shouldn’t cease at adulthood.

Click here to view Crafting with Nature in the SPL catalogHere are a few books in our collection that tap into that outdoor creative play for grownups:

Plant Craft: 30 Projects That Add Natural Style to your Home by Caitlin Atkinson brings the inspiration of nature into your home with craft projects made from simple items found in your yard or while walking the neighborhood. With a few additional items from a craft or hardware store, your home can be simply transformed. With beautiful photos and step by step instructions, this book is a delight.

Click here to view This Book Was a Tree in the SPL catalogCrafting With Nature: Grow or Gather your Own Supplies for Simple Handmade Crafts, Gifts, and Recipes
by Amy Renea is also the author of the blog A Nest for All Seasons. She uses items from nature and the garden to make simple DIY projects and gifts from canning and earrings to lotions and scrubs. Beautiful and simple, try something new for yourself or someone you love!

This Book Was a Tree: Ideas, Adventures, and Inspiration for Rediscovering the Natural World by Marcie Chambers Cuff has you reconnecting with the natural world through ideas of wonder. Be your own modern pioneer with seed bombs and kitchen top herb gardens; explore nature and decipher its message; learn how to slow down while taking in some fresh air;…and Click here to view Backyard Betty in the SPL catalogmost of all—get dirty! Want more? Check out Marcie’s blog!

Backcountry Betty Crafting with Style: Nature-inspired Projects by Jennifer Worick gives you crafting sass! Get projects ideas from the woods, the shore, the meadow, the backyard, and the urban jungle — there’s nothing you can’t create. With a few craft necessities to get started, Jennifer also offers suggestions on where to go for resources. Best of all, she’s local. It’s like having a crafty tour guide in our own backyard!


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