Book Bingo: Recommended by an Independent Bookstore (Nonfiction)

Join The Seattle Public Library and Seattle Arts & Lectures for our 2nd annual Summer Book Bingo for adults! Follow us throughout the summer for reading suggestions based on each category.

independent bookstore Our guest blog today is from the staff of Ada’s Technical Books & Café in Capitol Hill; Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe is home to the kinds of books, gifts, workshops and events that beckon to the geek {and the geek in all of us.} Here are a few suggestions of nonfiction to help you fill that Summer Bingo Recommended by an Independent Bookstore square!

Nature’s Nether Regions by Menno Schilthuizen
With an emphatic endorsement from Isabella Rosellini, the creator of “Green Porno,” Nature’s Nether Regions takes us on an eye-opening journey through the splendid and varied sex lives of butterflies, baboons, and beetles. It then explores what these intricate rituals can tell us about our own copulatory endeavours.

Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me by Ellen Forney
After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Ellen Forney sets out to understand the popularized trope of the “crazy artist” and what this new diagnosis means for her art. What she creates in Marbles is a graphic novel, art history lesson and clinical psychology research paper all rolled into a memoir. Forney is the recipient of the Stranger’s Genius Award in Literature and currently teaches courses at Cornish.

Ghost Map by Steven Johnson
Johnson tells the gripping story of one of England’s great tragedies, which led to massive modernization in medicine, statistics, and urban planning. The history of the spread of cholera is told alongside that of rising cities and expanded scientific inquiry to create a powerful narrative of 19th century London and lasting effects in the present.

Grunt by Mary Roach
Deemed “America’s funniest science writer” by the Washington Post, Mary Roach has explored topics as diverse as the afterlife, the alimentary canal and outer space travel. Now, with compassion and dark humor, she delves into the world of military scientists and how they’re making combat safer for soldiers.

Looking for more recommendations from a bookseller? Follow Ada’s Technical Books & Cafe on Twitter and Instagram, or check out their previous Shelf Talk post.

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