Bus Reads for July

American Housewife: Stories by Helen Ellis is an entertaining and hilarious take on the ups and downs of domesticity. These twelve stories take you from disputes of interior design to suggestions on how to be a grown-ass lady to a stream of consciousness in the day in the life of housewifedom. Some of the stories were definitely relatable, even to a non-housewife like myself. I’ve recommended this book to a plethora of women in my life; you may need to add this to your women-focused book club!

The Passenger by Lisa Lutz is a wild ride from beginning to end. Tanya Dubois finds her husband dead at the bottom of the stairs. Although she had nothing to do with it, she’s worried her past will come back to haunt her if she doesn’t make a run for it. Cashing out her credit cards and changing her name, Tanya — now Amelia — hits the road. On her way she meets a female bartender named Blue, the two both escaping their pasts agree to switch lives…and the page turning continues! A quick and fun read, there was only one part that seemed a little disconnected to the rest of the story, but I still very much enjoyed the read. Lisa Lutz is also one of my all-time favorite authors so I may be a bit biased, but so be it!

Kitchens of the Great Midwest by J. Ryan Stradal focuses on those that orbit the life of Eva Thorvald. We meet Eva’s father and follow the path that leads him to Eva’s mother and ultimately to Eva herself. As the book unfolds through small stories of the individuals who mold Eva, or just those that pass through her world, you see the pattern of a life and how this once small girl becomes a woman. Each chapter not only has a different character, but also has a distinctively Midwestern recipe; carrot cake, venison, and of course bars…who doesn’t like bars? This book was definitely a love letter to its home.


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