Art Books in Nature

West Seattle’s Camp Long will be hosting another fabulous event Aug 20-21. Visit the park to walk in the woods, witness musical performances across diverse genres, or participate in art activities, writing workshops and open mics, juggling, costumed hikes through the forest, and naturalist events. The festival also features the “Museum of Sound” where artists will occupy Camp Long’s eight rustic cabins with installations of sound, music and art. For two whole days Camp Long will be a hotbed of creative energy sure to inspire artists and nonartists alike.

If you are free that weekend – why not nurture your inner artist? Chances are you’ll have a really good time. And how about making the most of your time there? Seattle Public Library has many great art and music books, whether about history, technique or the works of specific artists. It’s up to you to decide what your mode of creativity will be – whether sculpting out of found objects in nature, photography, ambient music, painting and drawing – the outlets are endless. Browse out catalog and see if you find something you can take with you to the park, to get to work!

Find Art Forms in Nature in the SPL catalog Find Drawing Closer to Nature in the SPL catalogFind The Pressed Plant in the SPL catalogFind Art in the Natural World in the SPL catalog

Maybe you’re not that much of a book person but enjoy listening to instruction or watching people create. Narrow your search option on Bibliocommons to explore just our DVDs or CDs; you might be surprised by what catches you:

Find Charles Reid's Watercolor Secrets in the SPL catalogFind How to See, How to Draw in the SPL catalogFind Edward Burtynsky's Manufactured Landscapes in the SPL catalogFind Notes from a Planet in the SPL catalog
And for families, parents and kids: it won’t surprise you that we have many activity books about art in nature. You don’t just have to go to cool places like Camp Long to experience art in nature, you can explore in your own backyard:

Find Art Camp in the SPL catalog Find Art From All Seasons in the SPL catalog Find Nature's Art Box in the SPL catalog
For more information about Arts in Nature Festival check out Nature Consortium’s website, including a complete list of performers. And if you decide to attend on Saturday, be on the lookout for our Books on Bikes team! We are excited to participate in this event by bringing art and nature materials on our trailers for those who may need a little artistic inspiration.

~ Nicole S.

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