Flaked Soundtrack Appreciation

Flaked_posterWe don’t have a cable television home, but the boyfriend and I do have Apple TV, so we like to occasionally choose a new show to watch together. He binge watches CSI when I work my late nights and I binge watch Shameless on my days off, but it’s nice to have something to enjoy together and discuss. He recently chose the Netflix series Flaked with Will Arnett. I was peacefully reading my book and got sucked in…especially by the music. The music put us on a mission; we needed these songs stat! We googled, we iTunes, we Spotify, we everything and that got me to thinking…I’m sure there are some wonderful library patrons that would enjoy these tunes as well, so I searched our catalog for what I could find so that you can build your own playlist until the soundtrack is officially released!

Happy listening:

Song – Album – Artist

  1. Undertow – The Fool – Warpaint
  2. Thorns – Beach Music – Alex G
  3. Highway Patrol Stun Gun – Savage Hills Ballroom – Youth Lagoon
  4. One Sunday Morning – The Whole Love – Wilco
  5. Pretty Pimpin – B’lieve I’m Goin Down – Kurt Vile
  6. It’s a Game – Return to the Moon – EL VY
  7. Mute – Wondrous Bughouse – Youth Lagoon
  8. Dance Hall Days – Wang Chung – Wang Chung
  9. Tuck the Darkness In – The Clearing – Bowerbirds
  10. Line of Fire – Junip – Junip
  11. Cosmic Vibrations – And Star Power – Foxygen
  12. Colombia – Hummingbird – Local Natives
  13. Winter Beats – Hearts – I Break Horses


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