Get Outside: Comfort

I long to have a backyard of my own someday, I envision hammocks and a fire pit and string lights and planters and of course an epic BBQ for my boyfriend and I to entertain guests. As we look for houses I’m searching for the yard that can bring that vision to life. In the meantime though it helps to do your homework and find things that will turn a backyard into a comfortable haven. Here are a few items that got me started:

Happy Home Outside: Everyday Magic for Outdoor Life by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau is a Happy Home Outsidewhimsical and colorful book. Beautiful pictures filled with nooks and hideaways where you can play with simple ideas to brighten up your outdoor space. From unique planters to colorful textiles like tablecloths and throw pillows. Mix and match odds and ends to update your BBQ or party space. Adorable storage solutions and easy DIY projects are found throughout. Just so much fun in one book!

Scott Cohen'sScott Cohen’s Family Friendly Landscapes: Backyards Built for Fun and Games by Scott Cohen. From incorporating fun for the kiddies to advanced projects for the adults this book shows you how to up the ante when it comes to your landscaping game! For those with the time, money, and space Scott shows you there is no place in your yard you can’t explore to get a lively and entertaining backyard.

Twilight Garden: A Guide to Enjoying your Garden in the Evening Hours by Lia Leendertz. As the summer makes its descent it’s hard to say Twilight Gardengoodbye. That’s why enjoying your garden even in the night hours is key to taking in all of the season. Your garden will come alive with scent, lighting, and water features so you can stay a little longer. Lia also covers entertaining to encourage others to sit back and enjoy that twilight. There is also a wonderful guide on specific plants that will pop when the sun sets and the moon makes it viewing.

Shed DecorShed Décor: How to Decorate & Furnish your Favorite Garden Room by Sally Coulthard is a sweet book filled with wonderful little details to take advantage of some of those vintage finds and organizing bits. Sally has an eclectic comfort to her style that will make any shed or outdoor getaway a bit more inviting. This book creates an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while still being inside so even when those clouds roll our way the green will be just beyond a window pane.


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