Bus Reads for October

october-booksThe Well by Catherine Chanter has an edge of magical realism, but for the most part it is the struggle for life, marriage, family, and self under pressure; I loved it. Mark and Ruth Ardingly seek a new start. They leave their London life behind and find their new home at The Well. The Well turns out to be a sort of paradise, for while the country falls into a drought The Well still gets love from the rain. As the country gets desperate their paradise begins to turn sour. Some criticize the Ardinglys, others seek them out; Ruth’s daughter Angie, her grandson Lucien, and a religious sect called The Sisters. All of this comes into play as the first few pages we find Ruth by herself at The Well serving a prison sentence.

Margaret the First by Danielle Dutton. A historical novel based on the infamous “Mad Madge”, Margaret Cavendish, the scandalous celebrity of 17th century England. The imagery was stunning and the tale enthralling. From the details to her dresses and to the thoughts and philosophies floating threw her mind; she was definitely born before her time. This book felt as if I was reading one long poem and I enjoyed every second. It was definitely a quick read at 176 pages.

Rise: The Complete Newsflesh Collection by Mira Grant is a collection of eight short works and two original novellas that takes place in the Newsflesh Universe. The universe was created in the trilogy of Feed, Deadline, and Blackout. The Newsflesh Trilogy was one of those series where I wish I could read for the first time so to have this chance to get a large stock of material to go back into that world makes me so happy! For those who don’t know Feed is unlike any zombie book you’ve ever read, the intelligence and care Mira took into creating that book then two others is remarkable. While the collection can be standalone I encourage you to devour all of Mira Grant!


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