It’s November! And if the beard hasn’t made it’s presence known yet, it will this month! Between No Shave November bringing awareness to prostate cancer and the winter chill filling the air; the hair will grow!! And because we are nerds here are a few books to get you inspired:


Beard by Matthew Rainwaters. I was very surprised to see that this wasn’t a giant book that would take up my entire desk, but a sweet and small book that one can easily hold in your hand. The photographs were stunning and the beards…well, I’m a sucker for a great beard. I also saw a lot of Pacific Northwest representation! If you’re a beard lover, it’s a quick glance you won’t regret.

The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins. First this is a strikingly illustrated graphic novel and secondly it is a lovely bittersweet tale. On the island of Here everything is perfect and orderly; lawns, houses, and a complete lack of facial hair. Except for Dave, who has one tiny hair, and that’s when everything changes and the threat of There puts everyone on edge. Once something different enters the world of Here you see the darker side of perfection.

Know Your Beholder by Adam Rapp. Beautiful, sad, honest, and at times a laugh out loud funny novel. Francis Falbo, former musician and former husband is living a life detached from it all up in the attic of his family home, which he now owns after the death of his mother. He has converted the spaces as apartments and his landlord duties include growing an epic beard, getting rid of a homeless man, and sitting nude for an artist’s drawing. Then there’s also the missing child of his tenants, his agoraphobia, and the fact that he’s still in love with his ex-wife…this book has it all, but connects things beautifully and without lose ends.

The furry face friend doesn’t stop there! Check out more beard-esque material from our catalog: Beard on!


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