Food Trends for 2017

According to this article from Forbes,  there are five important food trends to be on the lookout for next year. But don’t fear – The Seattle Public Library is on top of it. Stay a step ahead of everyone with these cookbooks!

TREND #1: VEGETARIAN COMFORT FOOD. Vegetarian food isn’t all about salads and meat-alternative burgers, and comfort food isn’t all about meatloaf and beef stew. Check out Fresh Italian Cooking for a New Generation by Alexandra Caspero Lenz for lighter but flavorful Italian meals like wild mushroom lasagna, spinach and white bean soup and butternut mac and cheese.

TREND #2: ARTISAN BUTCHER SHOPS-PLUS-RESTAURANTS. This is where cured meats and the locavore movement meet. An excellent starting point is Olympia Provisions by Elias Cairo, from a salumeria of the same name in Portland. From pork liver mousse and duck confit with rillettes to 19 different types of frankfurters, you’ll be sure to impress friends and family.

TREND #3: BREAKFAST, UPDATED. This trend is all about flavors and textures we typically don’t associate with breakfast food – crunchy and spicy. You’ll find some great examples in Big Bad Breakfast by John Currence for food with a Southern kick, like sausage cinnamon rolls, shrimp and grits and crawfish cakes.

TREND #4: KALE NO MORE. Is kale’s reign as a superfood over? Probably not, but there are plenty more greens to explore. Why not go all out with Ocean Greens and discover a world of edible seaweed and sea vegetables? With wild and luscious pumpkin salad with sea spaghetti, cauliflower rice with sea aster, and spirulina and strawberry popsicles you’ll enjoy flavors that rarely find their way into the American diet.

TREND #5: BOWLS, BOWLS, BOWLS. Eating from a plate is sooooo 2016. Why not enjoy the intermingling of different foods in a single, nourishing bowl? Robin Asbell’s Great Bowls of Food is a great resource for cooks looking for recipes to satisfy meat eaters and vegetarians that range from a rice, tofu, and green bowl with kimchi and spicy spinach to a sweet potato, BBQ chicken, corn, and chips bowl.

~posted by Frank

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