hoopla for the holidays

The holidays are upon us, and for many of us that means non-stop activity with family and friends. If you need to take a break and carve out some time for yourself, grab your smartphone or laptop and go right to hoopla and stream a movie, anytime! Here are ten recent additions to consider.

Beetlejuice is Tim Burton’s beloved ’80s classic starring Michael Keaton as a ghost who tries to rid a new couple (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) out of his house. With Winona Ryder.

Buddymoon is a wonderfully funny and singular film about a man who is dumped by his fiance days before the wedding, and goes on his honeymoon (a backpacking trip in Oregon) with his best buddy (played by German DJ and internet personality Flula Borg).

Dial M for Murder is Alfred Hitchcock’s classic about a tennis pro whose plan to kill his wife is thrown off course when he discovers she’s having an affair, causing him to devise an even more brilliant Plan B.

Force Majeure follows a Swedish family on vacation in France whose veneer of perfection is destroyed when an avalanche appears imminent. In Swedish with English subtitles.

The Infiltrator stars Bryan Cranston as Robert Mazur, an undercover agent with U.S. Customs who sets out to infiltrate Mexican drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s operation. Based on a true story.

Life Itself is an affecting documentary about late, great film critic Roger Ebert, who caustically battled with fellow critic Gene Siskel and bravely battled jaw cancer at the end of his life.

99 Homes is a timely thriller about a single father (Andrew Garfield) who is evicted from his home by a predatory real estate broker (Michael Shannon), only to work for him and evict others so he can keep his own home.

Pan’s Labyrinth is director Guillermo del Toro’s lush, dark and creepy tale about the fantasy world created by a young girl in World War II-era Spain.

A Scanner Darkly is Richard Linklater’s animated adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel about a cop who begins to develop split personalities after taking a dangerous new drug.

The We and the I from innovative director Michael Gondry follows a group of teenagers from The Bronx on a bus on the last day of school.

~posted by Frank

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