Bus Reads for December

The Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry. A librarian finds a man asleep in the basement near the section she is in charge of. Before the door opens to the public she decides to take that time to tell him her life of working at the library, along with the history of libraries, its champions and downfalls. As she gets more comfortable she begins to talk about the researcher upstairs she pines for…oh, love in the library. This small book is complete with thoughts ripped from my own head, but I won’t tell you which ones. The story is one long monologue though I didn’t find myself bored (it is my profession after all).

Displacement: A Travelogue is a lovely graphic memoir by Lucy Knisley; I can’t seem to get enough. Lucy offers to accompany her aging grandparents on a cruise and takes this time to connect with them. One of the biggest obstacles, however, is both grandparents suffer from dementia; her grandmother much more than her grandfather. We luckily get experts from her grandfather’s memoirs so both the author and the reader get in-depth knowledge that the author can no longer attain through talking. As someone who has a grandparent suffering from dementia this was a hard, but lovely read.

Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett. The stories in this book are connected to a woman’s life of living in solitude; her past is layered throughout, which creates a sense of history about who she is. Small and haunting, it feels like a modern female Walden with her wanderings and ramblings. It is lyrical and the language stunning (it was almost like reading a painting). This book is also short, which was ideal since due to the holidays since I tend to have less time to read. It is just all around beautiful.


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