Working the Room: Making Space to Create

A place to think, to spread out, to collect one’s thoughts and work through ideas.  An environment where inspirations are realized, this is necessary to the creative process.  It can be a dining table doing double duty, the corner of a room, space in an attic or basement, but make space.  However you have to make it happen, make it happen. The place that gives you room to work is essential to an artistic practice.

If home is not an option, get creative! Consider use of limited-opportunity spaces such as in a workshop, sharing space or renting.  Work when you can as often as you can. The most important goal, however, is to have a dedicated space in which to see an idea grow. Writers have it easier than other disciplines since they can carry their “office” anywhere.  For those whose practice depends on objects or a place to get physical, locating and securing workspace is an ongoing enterprise.  SpaceFinder Seattle is an excellent place to begin your search.

Let’s look at some options.  There’s a bunch of eye candy and sleuthing to be done. There’s the gnashing of teeth and wishful thinking.  Then, there is the cost. You know, you have to pay, either way!  But, most importantly, what must the space accomplish?

Get the set-up set up. Begin and build.  Ok, maybe you can Build a Sturdy Work Bench in Two Days or begin Shedworking:  The Alternative Workspace Revolution, but most artists have to fit into an existing space and make use of ready-made furniture.  This is where Art Making & Studio Spaces or Inside the Artist’s Studio can foster ideas. There’s nothing like finding inspiration and information specific to a discipline that is mindful of the needs of the materials, conditions for use and equipment. The Jeweler’s Studio Handbook, The Potter’s Complete Studio Handbook and the Textile Artist’s Studio Handbook provide necessary details for each medium. If your motto is “home is where the art is” then books like the Home Office Handbook or the Home Recording Studio: Build it Like the Pros may assist you in setting up a workspace in your home.

Seeking a collaborative approach to your creative process is another option. Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration and The Style of Coworking:  Contemporary Shared Workspaces can assist you in beginning the process of working with like-minded peers.

There’s more to explore! Check out the resource list Working the Room: Making Space to Create to discover more titles intended to get you thinking of possibilities for a place in which to realize your artistic aspirations.  Dare forth!

~ posted by Chris

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